Floating Sauna of Copenhagen

The floating sauna provides a unique experience for guests, considering not only is it physically cleansing for the body, but it also serves as an important method for relaxation and stress management, all while being transportable. Since the sauna is floating and has a motor, the bathers have the option to stay in the original location or rather, can choose to take a trip around the water and enjoy the new view from the many windows of the sauna.



The sauna would accomodate as many as 12 bathers with many additions to a typical sauna experience. There is a trap door on the floor. Open it, and spot lights will turn on and light the water underneath, projecting the reflection of the water stream to the ceiling. The trap door is also an excellent choice to keep drinks cool. Also, if the temperature is too hot, just dip yourself into the water.
Other features include a discreetly located closet for clothes behind the sauna, and a possibility to fill the stove from the outside.